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Formatting large numbers as digit with magnitude (Mil, Bil, etc.)

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Last tested: Jan 21, 2019

In the visualization menu, open the X or Y axis menu and in the field labeled <X/Y> format options, use the commas to truncate the value and use literal strings to notate magnitude.

Each comma denotes three zeroes that will be omitted from the number.

Use: 0,, "Mil"
to turn "2,000,000" into "2 Mil"
and 0, "k"
to turn "2,000,000" into "2,000 k"

You can also use this in LookML using value_format. You'll need to escape the quotes, though, since you have to put the value format string in quotes.
value_format: "0,, \"Mil\""

You can take advantage of conditional value formats to show differing symbols based on magnitude:


This is documented in Help Center


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