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Force download when clicking on url/link - Explore

  • 7 July 2021
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Last tested: Jun 1, 2018

Using the html and links parameter in Looker we can send the user to another page.
We can also use this to have the content be downloaded when the user clicks on the link.

To do this we would choose our data to download:

Let's assume this is the data we want: https://localhost:9999/explore/system__activity/history?fields=history.connection_name,look.title,query.count,history.is_user_dashboard&pivots=history.connection_name,history.is_user_dashboard&f[history.connection_name]=looker%5E_project&sorts=query.count+desc+0,history.connection_name,history.is_user_dashboard&limit=500

We will use the url above updated to include details on the format to download and add the parameter to download like so:

_Note the .csv after the name of the explore on the url, as well as the ending &download=true_


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1 reply


How to avoid the full view name in the downloaded data with this url option?  I am trying to use .json option.