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For scheduled PDFs, why do some PDFs timeout < 30 mins but others can successfully run after 60+ mins?

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Last tested: Jul 26, 2017


You can see this behaviour because the render timeout (in most cases) will only run after the underlying query runs and completes.

For example:

  1. Underlying query runs and completes in 20mins
  2. After 20 minutes, the PDF Renderer has 30 minutes to successfully complete.
  3. In Total, when viewing Plans in Admin, the PDF schedule can say successfully run in ~ 45 mins, where total time is [Query time] + [Render time]

So, the entire schedule can compete or fail and the overall time can be >30 mins.

And, then in unique scenarios:

  1. If dashboard has a default filter
  2. Underlying query does not run
  3. PDF render starts running
  4. In total, when viewing Plans in Admin, the total time is based on Render time only

So the entire schedule can complete or fail, but the overall time will be < 30 mins.


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