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FAQ: "Rebuild Derived Tables and Run" with PDTs

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Last tested: Dec 27, 2018

What is it?

The "Rebuild Derived Tables and Run" button will initiate a rebuild of all persistent derived tables involved in the query. It will also initiate a rebuild of all upstream PDTs.

When can you see this option?

The "Rebuild Derived Tables and Run" button will appear in the cog of an explore or look if:

  1. The user has the "develop" permission (as of 4.18)
  2. The query uses a PDT that has already been built.
  3. The query has finished running.

    Note: The option will not appear in an Embedded context (with /embed/ in the URL) - public or private, regardless of permissions
    Another note: not available on dashboards
Does it affect other users?

Sort of. Only the user that clicked the button will have to wait for the rebuild to finish. All other users use the existing table. However, all users will use the new version of the table once it is complete. Other users may also be impacted by the database strain that the rebuild may cause.

If you hit this button while in dev mode, will it affect the production version?

Yes, if the PDT SQL is identical. If the PDT in your dev mode is different, then the production version will be completely unaffected.

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