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Extending Multiple Explores

  • 6 April 2021
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Last tested: Apr 3, 2019

How does extending multiple explores work?

Say we have:

Explore A {}
Explore B {}

And we'd like to create an Explore C {} That extends explore A and B.

Essentially extending an explore makes all of the base explores joins available in the extended explore. Therefore the joins must be relevant- i.e. if Explore C extends Explore A then Explore C must be joined to view a or whatever view Explore A is based on.

Same goes with extending multiple explores. The entended explore must be joined to views that the base explores are based on. With the caveat of, if the extended Explore is based on the same view as one of the base explores then no join to that explores base view is necessary. The joins can either be directly in the extended explore or they can be in the base explores (see examples below).

Here is an example of what an extended explore might look like:

Explore A {}Explore B {}Explore C {extends: [A, B]view_name: Ajoin: B {}}

This also works (indirect join):

Explore A {}Explore B {join: A {}}Explore C {extends: [A, B]view_name: A}


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1 reply

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