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ERROR : Internal database configuration issue

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Last tested: Nov 11, 2020


Starting in 7.20, Looker now validates the dialect and version of the internal database during startup. If something other than the default in-memory Hypersql or a Mysql v5.7.x database is used as the internal database, Looker logs an error message before performing any startup migrations. There are two possible error messages:

  • "The Looker internal database is not the default in-memory HyperSQL database or a MySQL 5.7.x database"
    • This is thrown when you are using a supported dialect (i.e. hypersql by default, or mysql via looker-db.yml) but not a supported version (ex: mysql v8.0.1).
  • "{dialect name} is not a valid dialect option for the Looker internal database"
    • This is thrown when you aren't using a supported dialect in looker-db.yml (ex: aurora, mariadb, etc.).

Because Looker is developed and tested around hypersql and mysql v5.7.x databases, those are the only two supported configurations. Given our lack of testing beyond hypersql and mysql v5.7.x, any deviant configurations may cause mysterious application failure. Even if a deviant configuration has worked doesn't mean it should and/or will work in the future.

After logging this error, Looker will continue startup.



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