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Drill to Dashboard - Dashboards in Drill Menus

  • 6 April 2021
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Last Tested: Aug 30, 2017


Info about Dashboards in Drill Menus 

Chat Tip: In general we recommend leaving this feature off, because of performance implications.

Keep in mind this feature ignores content access and so will show a user dashboards that they potentially lack access to. If a user tries to click on a dashboard they lack access to, they will see an error message telling them so.

If it's not working correctly, check that:

  • Listens are correctly applied
  • Dashboard is not in a personal space (must be in shared spaces) - note: Even after you fix this it may take a little while (~30 mins) to start seeing the dashboards. You also must clear cache on the query.

This content is subject to limited support.                


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