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Does using derived_table or sql_table_name in an extending view override the original view's derived_table or sql_table_name?

  • 15 June 2021
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Last tested; Mar 11, 2021

Yes! Even though usually, extends will only replace parameters that have the same name definition, sql_table_name and derived_table are special, since they're mutually exclusive. They cannot both be used at once in a single view file. Therefore they follow standard extends logic as if they were the same parameter, and the losing view's table parameter is ignored.

Example: When using an explore with view_a, my_fancy_table is used in the generated SQL. When using an explore with view_b, the derived table with my_favorite_table is used in the generated SQL.

view: view_a {

sql_table_name: my_cool_schema.my_fancy_table ;;




view: view_b {

extends: [view_a]

derived_table: {

sql: SELECT * FROM my_cool_schema.my_favorite_table ;;






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