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Do we have a Pareto visualization?

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Last tested: Oct 14, 2020

No, but there exists a Feature Request.

However, we can imitate a Pareto chart by creating a few table calculations.


  1. Create a table calculation to compute the relative running total of the original measure. In this example, “orders.count” will be our starting measure.



  1. Plot the new table calculation as a line.
  2. Plot the original measure as a bar.
  3. Create a table calculation for an 80% benchmark of the original measure.




  1. Plot the benchmark as a line and add it to the same axis as the original measure.

The final result will look something like this:

An imitation Pareto chart using table calculations.



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@sam thanks for the answer, it was useful! How do you get to put a reference line for 80% in a table calculation? My line insist in be linked with the original measure.


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Hey @AnaLimaPS , great question. I may have misspoke, I can’t see a way to get that right now using reference lines :thinking:


But what about table calculations? I created a new table calculation as max(${orders.count})*0.8

and then changed it to a line  while adding it to the left axis. The result looks something like this:


​​​​​​Adding a black line to represent 80% of the maximum value.

If this looks good to you, I can add it to the main post!

This solution works, you can definitively add it to the main post. Thanks again @sam!