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Dev Mode PDTs

  • 7 May 2021
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Last tested: Sep 9, 2019


A PDT that has been created/modified in a user's dev mode has the following properties:

  • It behaves as if it has persist_for: 24 hours regardless of what persistence is set.
  • Each one will be its own table in the scratch schema (see "Why are there multiple copies of the same PDT in my database?").
  • Dev mode PDTs will NOT show in the Admin > PDT panel. (see below comment!)
  • If you rebuild derived tables and run from your dev mode and the production SQL is exactly the same, then the prod version will be replaced.
  • There is --if dev and --if prod syntax that allows you to modify the SQL in dev mode vs. production
  • Dev mode PDTs with a sql_trigger_value will have an epoch timestamp on them in the hash (prod PDTs with a sql_trigger_value will not).
  • Dev mode PDT builds will show up in the i__looker pdt_log explore with an Action Data of expires at: [timestamp] where [timestamp] is 24 hours after the build completes (as it would show for a PDT with persist_for: 24 hours).


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UPDATE: As of 21.12, Dev Mode PDTs WILL show up in the Admin → PDTs panel: