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Dashboard doesn't look the same on a different screen

  • 7 July 2021
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Last tested: Sep 10, 2020

The columns on my dashboard are alined on my screen, but not on my colleagues.

I've had a couple customers come on chat to report a 'bug' that their dashboard doesn't look the same on their colleagues screen. Column headers are clipping, misaligned across tiles of the same width etc. but when I open it everything looks...fine?

Culprits: Screen size, resolution, and browser zoom

Monitor resolution plays a big part in how things look. Accessing a dashboard that was built on a 24" 1440p monitor will look much different on 13" Macbook screen, as dashboards will auto-size to the screen's resolution. Additionally, browser zoom can play a role in consistency as well. I've seen two people access dashboards on the same type of machine/monitor, but because one person had their Chrome browser zoomed into 125% to see more easily, the dashboards looked vastly different.

So while the tiles will still take the same amount of space on a dashboard's height and width proportionately hardware limitations and autosizing can make them look different depending on where you access the dashboard from.


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1 reply

Is there a solution to make the dashboard look the same on different monitors?