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Custom Order for Field Picker

  • 7 May 2021
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Last tested: Dec 14, 2018


By default, the Field Picker is sorted alphabetically.

Workaround: If you add spaces to the label of a dimension, then you can change where it will appear in the field picker. Additionally, the leading spaces are stripped from the UI, so it won't look ugly to your consumers.


dimension: aardvark {

# A dimension with a name like this will usually come first in the field picker.


dimension: beta {

label: " beta"

# With a space in the label, "beta" will come before "aardvark!"


dimension: camel {

label: " camel"

# With two spaces in the label, "camel" will come before "beta"!




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1 reply

This is a nice workaround but it doesn’t solve the main problem of being able to provide custom orderings of the fields. 


I wish there was a way to say ‘use the ordering from the view LookML code’, as opposed to the alpha ordering...