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Content Validator for Merged Results

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Last tested: Sep 9, 2019

To follow along, think of a situation where you have a merged results tile which is named MR Dash. MR Dash merges the results of two explores(For example, Explore1 and Explore2) which currently belong to one model, named ModelA. Unfortunately, if you try to change the model name for Explore2 from the content validator, it ends up changing the model name for both in the case of merged results.

Hence, a better way to approach this would be to convert the UDD(User defined dashboard) to a LookML dashboard, make the required changes, and then convert it back to a UDD.

The steps we followed were as follows:

  1. From your dashboard tile MR Dash, retrieve the dashboard LookML. To do so, you can reference this link -
  2. Within this dashboard LookML snippet, for explore: explore2, change the model name to ModelB, and keep the model name for Explore1 as ModelA.
  3. Save this LookML by creating a dashboard in ModelA (or ModelB) and insert your updated LookML there.
  4. Once you have this LookML dashboard ready, you can then save it as User Defined Dashboard(which is what you initially had) to your space. To do so, you can reference this link -
  5. Once you successfully complete these steps, you should be able to see that each of the explores in your dashboard tile are referencing their respective models.



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