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Combine multiple Line Items using Table Calculations

  • 15 June 2021
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Last tested: Apr 24, 2020

Usually, if I have a list of dimensions and measures, if I want to change the group by I would use a case when in LookML, but what happens if I do not have access to LookML? Who do I call?

In a series of table calculations, you can alter the grouping.

In the example below, I wanted to combine the counts for dogs named Princess and Buddy. I wanted to replace the Princess count with this new combined count, then hide the original count for dogs named Buddy.

Original Explore:

Screen Shot 2020-04-24 at 7.41.52 PM.png

This table calculation grabs the values from dogs name Buddy and Princess and puts them in a new column. All other row values are zero.


This lets us replace the dogs' named Princess value, with our combined value from before:


This allows us to hide the original Buddy value from the visualization.



Here is our final result:


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