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Can you show / hide filters on embedded content?

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Last tested: Jun 8, 2020


Yes you can! The way to do this is different depending on the type of content.

  • For User defined dashboards, you can use the embed settings option in the cog menu. (click the cog menu on the dashboard > Edit Embed Settings.)
  • For LookML dashboards, you can use the show_filters_bar parameter in the Dashboard LookML file code for your dashboard. For example:


background_color: "#f6f8fa"

show_title: true

title_color: "#3a4245"

show_filters_bar: true

tile_text_color: "#3a4245

text_tile_text_color: ''

show_filters_bar: false


For a Look, the filters are hidden by default but can be shown using the Show Filters on Embedded Looks toggle (available as of Looker 7.4).


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If you are using our new dashboards (released in beta late 2020), these settings are managed by Themes that are accessed in the admin panel under the Platform section.

More info here 


@Jiro  our instance is brand new but doesn’t have the Themes option. Does it cost extra to have this enabled?

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@bwellsbury-1634063121  depending on which platform level (standard,advanced,elite) you have, it may be included. The best way to find out is to get in touch with your account manager who can see the specifics of your contract. 

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As of the 23.0 release, individual filters can now be hidden via URL parameter: