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Can you restore a folder after you delete it?

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Last tested: Oct 2, 2019

Not directly but you can get back to the old state with some work. We warn you and ask you to type the name of the folder in order to delete it for this reason

Screen Shot 2019-10-03 at 3.04.49 PM.png

What you can do:

  1. The folder is now gone, so first create a new one.
  2. All the content will now be in the trash with the exact same deleted time. If you literally just deleted the space and want to restore it immediately you may be able to tell what content needs to go back just from looking at the trash (need to be an admin to see the Trash btw)
  3. If you aren't sure which content needs to be recovered simply by looking you can
    1. use the spaces explore ( expanded system activity url: /explore/system__activity/space?,space.deleted_time, to find the timestamp the folder was deleted at.
    2. find dashboards with this deleted timestamp (expanded system activity url: /explore/system__activity/dashboard?fields=dashboard.title,dashboard.deleted_time&sorts=dashboard.deleted_time+desc&limit=500&vis=%7B%7D&filter_config=%7B%7D&dynamic_fields=%5B%5D&origin=share-expanded)
    3. find looks with the same deleted timestamp (expanded system activity url: /explore/system__activity/look?fields=look.title,look.deleted_time&sorts=look.deleted_time+desc&limit=500&vis=%7B%7D&filter_config=%7B%7D&dynamic_fields=%5B%5D&origin=share-expanded)
  4. Go back to the Trash and recover all those looks and dashboards



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