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Can we assign groups to the Users space?

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Last tested: Sep 6, 2019

Short answer would be no, there is a request for this functionality here: Make user folders private by default

A colleague have suggested a workaround in the link above for the following use case:

You want your users to explicitly share content with any other user (not a closed system), but not have users be able to search / see Content in User spaces, without explicit permission to see it. Essentially you need an all users group, but that all user's group never to be added to User Spaces.

  1. Automatically add every user to a manual All Users Group (e.g., E Users), however you are using Google Authentication and cannot automatically add a group. (API or manually instead)
  2. Have your other defined groups (Marketing, CS, Finance) all added to another group E Users. This gives everyone the ability to see the other users, but not their spaces unless explicitly added. This is what you will be using because you already have these user groups.


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