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Can LookML dashboards be used in SSO embed?

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Last tested: June 2021


Nothing really changes except that the dashboard ID is model_name::dashboard_name, and the embed parameters have to be defined via LookML. This doc explains the embedded parameters that you would usually define in "Embed settings" of a UDD.

As always, make sure that the user has the see_lookml_dashboards permission.

However, SSO embed users are not able to access the LookML dashboards "folder", even with the embed_browse_spaces permissions. This permission only grants access to the Shared and Personal folders, as well as an external group folder (if using external_group_id). Here's a visualization:


If we want LookML dashboards to be accessed this way, we'll have to convert these to UDD, so they can be accessed from the personal or Shared folder.


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