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Can I skip setting up a git server for my LookML?

  • 5 April 2021
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 Last Tested: March 7, 2021

Yes - there is an option to use a bare repository  (aka “bare repo”) if you don't want to use a Git provider like GitHub.

Instead of backing up files to a remote provider like Github, the bare repo implementation creates a separate folder on the Looker server which serves as the "remote". In this case, the files are only stored on the Looker server.


Some things to note when using bare repos:

  1. You cannot enable Pull Requests for a LookML Project using a bare repo.
  2. If your Looker instance is customer-hosted, and you upgrade from a single node instance to a clustered instance, any bare repositories will break. (However, if you are already running a clustered instance it's totally fine to start using bare repos.)


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