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Can I schedule a dashboard for last day of the month? What happens if I schedule on the 31st for months without 31 days?

  • 15 June 2021
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Last tested: Sep 17, 2019


If you schedule on the 31st, it will not run on months without 31 days. To get the last day of the month there are several workarounds:

  1. Use custom filters as in this Help Center article to force the Look to have no results except for on the last day of month (Does not work for dashboards).
  2. Use a Datagroup trigger instead, using SQL similar to the help center article.

Feature request here for comment!:

An example of using the sql_trigger with a Datagroup to fire a schedule on the last day of the month would be: SELECT DATE_TRUNC('m',DATEADD(d,1,CURRENT_DATE))


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