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Can I migrate System Activity Dashboards?

  • 7 July 2021
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Last tested: Apr 13, 2020



I have a System Activity Dashboard that I've created on one of my instances and I want to migrate that over to another instance.

How to (LookML Dashboard way [not gazer]):

  1. Access the System Activity Dashboard and get a copy of the lookML version of the dashboard
  2. Navigate to your other instance and go into the IDE of one of your existing projects
  3. Add the lookML dashboard file
  4. Paste your dashboard lookML from step 1 into this file
  5. Navigate to your model file and add an include statement to include dashboard lookML file.
  6. Go back to the LookML Dashboard file and click the upside down triangle and we should be able to see a View Dashboard option.
    1. Another way to access your newly migrated System Activity Dashboard is to access it from the LookML Dashboards Folder (All Folders > LookML Dashboards)

Steps 4-6:




As you'll see when we get the LookML Dashboard file for our System Activity Dashboard, the model that it's based off is called system__activity this is a hidden model that's accessible to the lookML dashboard as long as we've included the Dashboard into our model file (step 5). By doing so the dashboard is created and we'll then have access to it (search bar, IDE, lookML dashboard folder, etc.)


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