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Can I make the `value_format` syntax change conditionally?

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Last tested: Apr 15, 2018

Yes, you can use the following syntax to conditionally format using value_format. This can be done in LookML OR it can be done in the EDIT menu in the Visualization. Note there are extra \ characters in the LookML version to help escape use of " characters.

Warning: value_format only takes three different conditions for evaluation. If you add a fourth it will not evaluate properly.

LookML Use

measure: count {

type: count

value_format: "[<1000]0;[>=1000000]0.00,,\"M\";[>=1000]0.0,\"K\""



EDIT UI Menu Use

Value Format (UI field):



For more tips on common value_formats, you can refer to this Docs page here.


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