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Can I integrate R and Looker? (LookR)

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Last tested: Oct 25, 2019

We do have an open source R library called LookR for API 3.0. However, it's not supported and hasn't been updated recently (in the past 2+ years, use with caution). It calls the Looker API to get data into R.

There are talks of updating LookR to fit the new API versions, but it is still in its early stages.

This is another package that was put together by different people, not generated in the same way as our other currently supported SDK: and
At this point in time, we'd recommend using Python if it's an option.


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Hi Sam, they have updated the LookR package and the new version is working great now 🙂 In case someone needs it. 


Can I update data sources in R from an R dataframe? Is there an example?


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