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Can I extend an explore from another project?

  • 6 April 2021
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Last Tested: Mar 28, 2021


Yes you can, however this requires that the explores to be extended are defined in an explore file as including a model file from another project via local project import is not possible.

To include an explore file from a different project (for example project_A in project_B), you must create a project manifest file, and define:

project_name: "project_B"local_dependency: {  project: "project_A"}

Then use this pattern in the model file (your path to the explore file may differ, so if there are folders that the explore file is stored in be sure to include the folder in the path as well):

include: "//source_project/*explore.lkml"

This pattern works by prefixing the explore file with "*" to include all explore files (in the given path) from the source project.


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