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Can I choose what row value to show in a Single Value Visualization?

  • 5 April 2021
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Last Tested: Jul 3, 2018


By default no, but there is a workaround. For further reference on the default behavior, see the logic in Docs.

There are a couple ways to visualize a specific row from the results table:

Specific Row Value with YesNo

For example, to always show the last value in a column, use:



This will only be Yes for the last value. Then choose the Hide "No"s from Visualization option.

You could then adjust this to show the 2nd to last row, and so on:

#for 2nd to last row



Reverse Running Total

If you created a running total table calculation and want to show the "bottom" value, you can reverse the running total using

Running Total Up:


In that scenario, the first workaround could be applied as well.


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