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Can I allow external users that don't use [LDAP/SAML/Google Auth/OpenID] to log in?

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Yes. Just make sure that all of the following conditions are met:

  1. In the admin panel section for saml/ldap/etc, "Alternate Login for Specified Users" is enabled

  2. The user is an Admin or has the login_special_email permission AND has been set up with a valid email credential

  3. On the login screen, they click the "Alternate Login" link below the "Authenticate" button.

If the above conditions are not met, external users may experience the following:

  • Can successfully log in the first time, but not after that.

  • The password reset email never arrives.

  • If an admin resends the registration email, they simply get directed to the main login page (with the "Authenticate" button), which doesn't allow them to reset the password.

For more information, check the documentation for Looker integration with SAML, LDAP, Google Auth and OpenID.



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