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Can an embed user move/copy a dashboard?

  • 7 May 2021
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Last tested: Dec 14, 2020

An embed user cannot "move" or "copy" a dashboard into another space/folder, since those functions are only available on the folder page in the UI and are not available in the "four squares" embed folder dropdown menu.

Therefore, the Manage Access / Edit permission on a folder will give embed users the ability to *save* content to their folders (i.e. from a query created on the explore page), but not to move/copy.


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1 reply

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The ability to copy from the dashboard itself was added in release 21.16, but it still does not appear for embedded users. Are there plans to add it for embedded users as well?

From 21.16 Changelog:
Users can now can copy a dashboard from within the dashboard itself using the dashboard's three-dot menu.