Breaking News: Knowledge Drops are LIVE!

  • 30 March 2021
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Breaking News: Knowledge Drops are LIVE!
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Democratizing information has always been a core tenet of Looker’s values. It’s how we all become better thinkers and better doers. This ethos isn’t just a philosophy or a catchy marketing phrase; it’s a practice - and it’s one we’ve always taken to heart.


So in true Looker-fashion, we’re excited to announce: 

We are giving you access to hundreds of knowledge articles that were previously internal-only. These will be published to Community over the next 6 months for you to explore, learn, and discuss! 


Dubbed ‘Knowledge Drops’, these articles were originally created by Lookers, for Lookers. They document many of the insightful tips, tricks, and Looker how-to’s that we have collected over the years. They have been a go-to resource for Lookers whenever we have product questions or want to become even greater Looker experts ourselves. And now, we’re offering them as a resource for all!


How does this all work? 

  • All of these articles now live within a new category: The Kitchen Table.

  • Each month, we’ll drop a new set for you to explore!

  • Make sure to read the fine print on how we’re approaching the supportability of this content.


Why is this new category called “The Kitchen Table”?

Like many great ideas, these Knowledge Drops were largely created during the countless hours Lookers have spent collaborating with one another around the (literal) kitchen table, and working directly with our users to help them solve complex data problems. The Kitchen Table has come to represent how we create, learn, and grow together.


We’re confident that all of this knowledge will be as fun exploring as it was creating.

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Thanks for doing this! Really excited to learn from these. :slight_smile: