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Anchor Tag on New Dashboards - HTML

  • 7 July 2021
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Last tested: Nov 23, 2020

On new Dashboards (non-legacy), we can anchor dashboards with the name and href html attributes!

We can accomplish this in the body of text tiles. In one text tile, we can define the link to the anchor, that we click on to be taken somewhere on the dashboard by adding:

<a href="#AnchorMe">Here</a>


Then, we can create a text tile anywhere on the dashboard that will accept this anchored href. In that tile, we can put something like this:

<a name="AnchorMe"></a>


This results in a clickable link on "Here" in that first text tile, that takes us to this specific 2nd text tile with the name attribute defined. The key part of getting this to work is making sure the name attribute value, and the href #attribute value are the exact same!


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1 reply

Hi @Department of Customer Love Can you teach me how to do that? In the insert link option, I only saw First, Previous, Next, Last, and pages in this report. If I paste 

<a href="#AnchorMe">Here</a>

then it just can’t be recognized or looker studio tried to add http: in the front of it.