SQL Runner and Explore return different visualization

  • 23 August 2022
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I want to add “funnel” visualization to my dashboard. I tested the query and visualization under SQL Runner environment, but as I attempted to add this to my dashboard(or explore environment), the visualization here seems completely “broken”. 

I have confirmed that these two are the EXACT same queries and visualization setup. 


Can somebody help me explain what went wrong? 



SQL Runner







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3 replies

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I think for the funnel visualisation to work, you need to use measures

@Dawid but why does the sql runner correctly represent?


btw, I have tried using measures for the four values I wanted :(

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So the docs say the following:

A funnel chart comprises a single set of numbers and a single set of labels which can be oriented:

  • Vertically, using one or more dimensions (labels) and one measure (numbers)
  • Horizontally, using a single row with multiple measures (numbers) and column headers (labels)


So if you have the measures instead of the dimensions in explore, that should work


For SQL Runner - technically there are no dimensions or measures selected there as it is a pure SQL, so maybe your results were considered measures there?