Scheduled task building PDT even though the PDT build trigger conditions were not met.

  • 25 February 2020
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Hi Experts,

We are experiencing an issue where some scheduled tasks are triggering PDT build event, even though the trigger condition did not change from the last build and the cache duration was also not crossed. Can you please help me what I need to check for this.



2 replies

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Hey Karan,

All I can think of is to double-check that the trigger condition hasn’t changed, and maybe to test that by running an ETL and querying on the SQL from the sql_trigger to confirm that it hasn’t changed. For example, are the values dropped from your warehouse while they’re rebuilt, or are they incrementally loaded? If the former, that would temporarily change things like the max(id) I believe.

Hey @Karan_Veer_Singh ! 

We are also experiencing this kind of behavior. We have set up a datagroup trigger for scheduling a dashboard and we receive it twice a day. The ghost run is always at midnight. (the second run is what we need) We can’t figure out what is happening at midnight. Our SQL trigger is a boolean type(also tried with binary)

Have you found what was the problem down your side ?