Partial PDT Persistence

  • 15 December 2017
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I am utilizing a funnel view concept. I have joined different metric-sets on the funnel. The performance however is not great. One more obvious way to improve it (for my situation) would be to take the funnel, that serves the base of the explore, and persist the values that are from the day prior and earlier. Once we have that, unioning the current day’s worth of data should be a much smaller deal and can therefore reduce the total time spent creating the PDT for the funnel. Is there any ways that I can union the one PDT that can be run on a nightly update schedule and the other with our current day values for my explore?



3 replies

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Can you not do something like this:

Have a PDT which is scheduled daily to build all your data apart from yesterday and then have union that PDT with the most recent day by referencing like the above article (like you initially asked).

Of course it would be better to just script this up outside Looker so you don’t have to rebuild most of the same data every day but if your only worrying about runtime experience and no database processing then this would work.

Hey Noah,

Currently appending data to an existing PDT is not possible, but I will be sure to let our Product Team know that you would like to see this added into Looker’s functionality.



Hi Elliot,

Thanks for entertaining the idea. I will look for alternative solutions for now.