No results in SQL runner query ends up with error "Couldn't run your query due to a server error."

  • 29 October 2019
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In the version 6.22 whenever I run query in SQL runner with no results I get an error " Couldn’t run your query due to a server error." instead of showing me “No results”.

We are using Redshift as our database

6 replies

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Hi Erik,

This is a known unexpected behavior of version 6.22. The fix has already been included in version 6.24, which will be deployed to all customers in November 2019.

Please check our Release Notes here for further information

Please let us know if we could help with anything else.

+1 on this

We are running a self hosted cluster env and having the same issue after upgrading to 6.24.30. Is there any configs update that I should do to resolve this error?

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Is this against a snowflake DB? There’s a potential issue related to that right now, but it shouldn’t involve the No Results component.

Can you confirm that you’re 100% running a 6.24 version, that the query is returning no results, and let us know what the DB is? If it’s not snowflake, you may want to contact support at so you can share your logs with them privately to dig deeper into the error.

Same behavior here on a SnowflakeDB since we upgraded to 6.24 few days ago.

We can’t explain why a particular query seems to fail whenever involving a PDT defined at the view level. Is that also your case @sudhakars?

The query for the PDT itself runs fine when on an IDE or on Snowflake web.

The SQL snippet structure is

SELECT stuff


FROM (SELECT stuff_using_datediff(lag_&_partition_by)

FROM table1

JOIN table2) where stuff



Not something that seemed so far to cause any problem.

Looker support advised my colleague to ask our admins, which is me, and I’m here now… so we’ll keep investigating and report back here 😉

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We resolved this problem for the very specific case of No Results being returned. Pedro, if your queries run in snowflake web, can you confirm that they return no results there? If so, then we need to look into the fix we made; If not, then there’s something else going on and it’s not related to this same issue.

Also— the nested subqueries in that snippet seem syntactically fine, but are kind of a red flag for me with regards to something potentially performance related. For troubleshooting, you might want to try removing one subquery (or replacing it with a SELECT 1 or something extremely performant) and see if that runs.