Looker Snowflake session tagging

  • 27 January 2020
  • 2 replies


Within Snowflake, we can use session tagging to have gather insights on how user queries are performing. We are using the same logic from Snowflake and Looker, however upon adding the alter session tag within SQL Runner within Looker, I got the following: Actual statement count 2 did not match the desired statement count 1.

Query runs fine in Snowflake however within Looker SQL Runner it doesn’t seem possible to add a session tag.

Has anyone found a way around this ?


2 replies

probably this is not possible because sql runner allows only one sql per time. Maybe you can test to run these sql commands one by one in the sql runner(if the underlying session would be preserved)

+1 for this kind of feature to set query tags per session/query