Indexes for derived tables

  • 23 February 2015
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I’m using a derived table for computing some details about a user. The Lookerml manual says that I can use indexes for derived tables, yet I get a warning about indexes being an unknown parameter for a derived table, We use Redshift which I believe should be a Postgres dialect version.

Thank you.

- view: user_avg_value
sql: |
SELECT orders.user_id as user_id
, as email
, as website
, AVG(orders.order_value) AS avg_value
, SUM(orders.order_value) AS total_value
, SUM(orders.order_refund) AS total_refund
FROM orders
WHERE NOT cancelled GROUP BY orders.user_id,,

indexes: [email, website]
sortkeys: [email]
persist_for: 24 hours

1 reply

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With Redshift, you’ll actually want to use distkey and sortkey on your derived tables, rather than indexes. You can read a bit about distkey and sortkeys, tuning Redshift in general, and their use in redshift.

In your particular case, you’ll want to remove the indexes parameter, and consider using a distkey along with the sortkey you already set.