How to automate commit of code architecture to an Azure DevOps Repository?

  • 2 July 2022
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I am working on an automation, that will create repositories and pipelines based on standards and requirements. To create repositories and pipelines, I have used Azure DevOps REST APIs and it is working fine.

Now, along with creating repo, the requirement is to also commit a code structure - basic DevOps architecture of application - as initial commit. Using Azure DevOps REST API, I can find that we need to mention file by file and there is no option for bulk commit - 

I have also tried forking the seed/base repo while creating the new one but this will also bring the commit history and repo properties of base repo to new one and it is not expected. Also, the icon of forked repo is different and I believe, it is treated differently than other repo.

Can anyone please guide me on how to approach this requirement and how can it be implemented - to automate commiting a bulk code (base architecture) to a newly created repo?

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