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  • 15 September 2022
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I’m reaching out for some help on how to aggregate rows in order to correctly display them in a chart. I was able to group Teams 6A, 6B and 6C into Team 6 but need some help aggregating the three “Team 6” rows, any help is welcome. I have used “if(contains(...”  on my initial calculation.

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4 replies

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You have to remove “ALL TEAMS” field as this is the granularity of your data.

Hi @Dawid, thanks for your reply.

The “ALL TEAMS” field is my data source and I have it marked as “Hide from visualization”. However, if I remove it entirely from my data table, my calculation for “TEAMS” returns an error with the following message “Field "ALL TEAMS" either does not exist in the current query or is a measure.”

if( contains (${ALL TEAMS}, "6" ) , "TEAM 6", ${ALL TEAMS} )


Hi @Dawid , following up on my previous question to see if you can assist. Thanks 👍

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You can’t group data by your derived field if you have a lower granularity field present in your query. You’d have to create your grouping in LookML not using table calculations