Get PDT build time out of i__looker/pdt_log explore

  • 7 August 2019
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I want see how long by PDTs are actually taking to build, over multiple days or weeks. I feel like this is so close to being readily available in the i__looker/pdt_log explore by pivoting around on the ‘create begin’ and ‘create complete’ in the Action field - but I can’t quite get it to a reasonable format.

Might anyone have a suggestion for me? 🙂



1 reply

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Hey @nickspitzer - I’ve just had a go at solving your problem, it’s not perfect but hopefully helps.

First I accessed the pdt_log ‘Recent Build Events’ for a random table via the PDT menu.

I then changed the filters on PDT Log.Action to be equal to create complete or create begin. You can also expand the time frame that defaults to the last 24 hours if you want to.

You can then create a table calculation to work out the time taken in seconds, utilising the offset function. This can be modified to give the value in minutes or hours.


if(${pdt_log.action} = "create complete",

Here is a sample of the output