Filter suggests generate different queries in production mode

  • 17 September 2021
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We have a filter on a virtual field (an unnested column).

This works in development mode and generates the following query (correct):

SELECT     field_course_category  AS "field_course_category.course_category" FROM dw_live.course  AS course LEFT JOIN LATERAL UNNEST(string_to_array(course.field_course_category_tid,'|')) field_course_category ON true WHERE (( field_course_category  ) ILIKE  '%') OR (( field_course_category  ) ILIKE  '% %')

But when we turn off development mode, the same look generates this query when you use the filter (incorrect)

SELECT     field_course_category  AS "field_course_category.course_category" FROM field_course_category WHERE (( field_course_category  ) ILIKE  '%') OR (( field_course_category  ) ILIKE  '% %')

That results in ERROR: relation "field_course_category" does not exist since that table is defined in LookML from an unnested column.

We use the advanced deployment method so in this instance the tip of develop is the deployed commit. I also set suggest_persist_for: 0 seconds so I know it’s running every time. I see the queries in the admin logs.

I’m almost positive this worked before because we have internal QA notes about the filters being tested.

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