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  • 7 December 2021
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HI I am playing with looker in creating different views/looks,  I have a table that I currently working where when I try to show the Tenure of an employee looker is returning the data in Days  where as I would like to see the data displayed as Months/Year 


For example here’s what I have in a table


Name                  Tenure Today

John Doe            400


I would like to this to display as 


Name                 Tenure Today

John Doe           1.1 Year



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Hi Momo,


It looks like you may need a new dimension in your LookML to do the trick.

Please find the following steps in this example to achieve the desired output.

1.- Create two dimensions as it is shown in the example, these 2 dimensions have the following purpose:

employee_tenure_in_years:  get the conversion of days to years. This is a number type dimension


employee_tenure_in_yeats_with_label:  add the label “year(s)” to the dimension1. This is a string type dimension


2.- Save all changes in your LookML and open an explore to see the output:

 (Please see the green rectangle in this screenshot ):


Hope it helps!


Best regards,