Creating reports without a LookML model

  • 19 October 2021
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I’m keen to see if we can use Looker to generate/distribute report output, but without having to create a LookML model 

  • The idea here, is that I do not want a plethora of minor models that are used for one-off reports, as these would be a distraction and unnecessary maintenance overhead

any suggestions welcome 

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2 replies

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If you’re comfortable using SQL, you can do this using SQL Runner. You can now build visualizations off SQL runner queries directly, or you could just build a “big wide table” with a SQL query and then create an ad-hoc explore to do your visualization. 


This docs page explains a lot more:


I’ll note though that you can’t add these outputs to dashboards/looks— They can be shared via link and sent via email/webhook/all the standard delivery options, but can’t become part of content like looks or dashboards.

thanks @izzy that looks good , will try it out.