Cascading Persistent Derived Tables

  • 15 March 2017
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I noticed something new when trying to use Cascading Persistent Derived tables…

There’s a new little “i” by the row number in the editor indicating some information on the code. When highlighted it says that the field defined by the referenced tablename ${xxx.SQL_TABLE_NAME} will only be valid if it’s joined to that table in an explore.

Curious if this is a recent change as we use cascading PDTs to build roll-ups from order to subscription to customer and have some explores where they aren’t joined.

Thoughts on how to approach?

2 replies

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We are displaying a generic message for a fully scoped variable. We should probably make the message here more specific to derived tables or remove the ‘i’ here altogether.

In a sql block in a measure or dimension, if you fully scope (provide both the view and dimension or measure name separated by a dot), we put the little ‘i’ there and warn you that this code will only work if the joins are formulated correctly.

Thanks for noting this.

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Just an update @DanLeBlanc - as of Looker 4.10 we won’t be showing a warning here anymore. Thanks for bringing this to our attention!