Best Practice in setting-up PostgreSQL Read-Replica

  • 7 December 2017
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We have our looker connected to a read-replica PostgreSQL RDS instance, we are hitting the limit for read-throughput at the replica, In addition to this the replica is waiting on a transaction to complete, maybe because of the limit.

As the result new transactions are happening at the master but are not getting played at the replica.

AWS Support recommends to set these parameters on the replica DB, just wanted your expert opinion on these before we change these configuration.

max_standby_streaming_delay from -1(indefinite) to 1200 seconds

Setting -1 at the replica which allows the standby to wait forever for conflicting queries to complete which can also contribute to replica lag

hot_standby_feedback from null to 1

Enabling hot_standby_feedback from replica which will prevents VACUUM from removing recently-dead rows and so cleanup conflicts do not occur.

max_standby_archive_delay from -1(indefinite) to 1200 seconds

Setting delay so that queries are not rapidly canceled by conflicts in WAL archive files during disconnected periods

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