How to verify if 3 values from merged tables are the same?

  • 13 August 2021
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Hello Guys,

I have the table below and I want to check if the values from all 3 columns are equal-If true  to display “Yes”, if not-”No”.

Here is the table:

I tried the IF function but I think that I ‘m not doing it right.

Thanks a lot

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1 reply

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Hey Corina!  

I think we should be able to achieve that with if, something like if( (col1 = col2 AND col1 = col3), “Yes”, “No”)

But your first and third columns have exactly the same names, don’t they? That may potentially cause some confusion, maybe selecting wrong option when creating calculation, so it is better to doublecheck on it and maybe label one of them differently so that we can differentiate  them