[PRE RELEASE] Looker 4.8 Release Notes

  • 16 February 2017
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Release Rollout Begins: February 20, 2017

Release Final & Download Available: March 2, 2017

Release Highlights

In addition to general tweaks and enhancements, this release comes with new and improved features in the following categories. Read on for more detail.

  • Scheduling and Downloading

  • Dashboards and Visualizations

  • Looker Platform and Administration

  • Content Management and Discoverability

  • LookML and Development Environment

  • Dialects

Preparing for Release

Please take notice of items marked with a ⚡ as they indicate changes to existing functionality and may require your attention. For more information see the Legacy Feature Updates and Features by Section below.

  • “Rebuild Derived Tables & Run” option on Explore pages is now hidden for all embedded users.

  • Moved Public Access settings for Looks to the Look Settings modal.

  • Disabled the Save button from the Edit Look modal until the query is finished updating.

Notable Features

Conditional Formatting

Make the results that matter pop! Table visualizations now sport a Conditional Formatting labs feature; use it to define rules that color code values that are low, high, or otherwise of interest.

Filterable Dashboard Schedules

Dashboards schedules can now each have their own filter values, allowing you to customize results for your recipients. Send regional teams results filtered for their territories of interest and filter weekly, quarterly, and annual reports independently. Use a single Dashboard to manage your scheduling needs!

Features by Section

Scheduling and Downloading

  • Filterable Dashboard Schedules. Introduced the ability to change filter values for each schedule associated with a given Dashboard.

  • Inline Tables is now the default email delivery option for new scheduled content. Existing schedules won’t be changed.

  • Added API support for downloading Dashboard PDFs.

Dashboards and Visualizations

  • Conditional Formatting [labs] for Table visualizations. Learn more about Labs features.

  • Added drop-down options to the Dashboard filter interface.

  • Trend Line equations and R2. Trend Line labels can now display the equation used for the line or the Trend Line’s R2 value.

Looker Platform and Administration

  • Powered by Looker

  • Saving from an Embed. Introducing the ability for embedded users to save content the ability to curate content for embedded users.

  • Scheduling from an Embed. Embedded users now have the ability to schedule Looks and Dashboards.

  • JavaScript embed events can continue firing across page loads.

  • Exposed embed-related external_id fields in already-existing credentials_embed and space routes.

  • ⚡ “Rebuild Derived Tables & Run” option on Explore pages is now hidden for all embedded users.

  • Connection tests. Added an option in the Connections Panel to test all connections or each individually.


Content Management and Discoverability

  • Unused Content and Trash. Introduced two sections that allow instance Admins to, in bulk, clean up all of the unused and unneeded content on an instance.

  • The Unused Content page will pull together all content that hasn’t been touched in 90 days. Admins can then delete those items, which will move them to the Trash.

  • Trash. Items in Trash can be restored or permanently deleted at the Admin’s discretion.

  • Tables in Spaces are now sortable and are paginated. This does not apply to the LookML Dashboard space.

  • Move and Copy Modals in Spaces now match the new Save Look modal.

  • Run on Load for Looks. Introduced the ability to set whether Looks run immediately. This setting can be configured in Edit Look Settings.

  • Moved Public Access settings for Looks to the Look Settings modal.

  • It is now possible to delete a Dashboard from the Dashboard page.

  • Markdown file navigation. Added the ability to create a navigation menu for Markdown documents.

LookML and Development Environment

  • Fiscal years and quarters. Introduced a fiscal_month_offset LookML parameter to allow for custom fiscal years.

  • Better SQL Runner error highlighting.

  • Projects can now include JSON files.

  • Updated the syntax for map_layers so that they can now reference JSON files included in the project.

  • Introduced the ability to add files to a project by dragging and dropping them into the LookML IDE.


  • BigQuery Standard SQL. Improved the LookML project generator.

  • BigQuery Legacy SQL. Removed EACH from GROUP BY, improving performance for certain queries.

  • Presto. Added support for Qubole’s Presto as a Service for Presto versions 0.157 and 0.142.

General Tweaks and Bug Fixes

  • ⚡ Disabled the Save button from the Edit Look modal until the query is finished updating. This addresses an issue where Look edits would not persist if saved too quickly.

  • Fixed an issue where menus items that ran off the page could not be reached by scrolling.

  • Removed the Go to LookML link for users who are not able to see LookML.

  • SQL errors are now only exposed to users with the see_lookml permission.

  • Fixed an issue where the SQL tab was blank on Safari.

    Fixed an issue related to escaping the \ character in filter values.

  • Fixed an issue where Reset Look did not reset query results.

  • Fixed an issue where webhook delivery could block scheduled content delivery.

  • Fixed an issue where Single Column PDF Dashboard element titles were mixed up.

  • Fixed a issue where the ‘Create Schedule’ option was not available in the Details pane of the Look page.

  • Fixed an issue related to downloading results from drill overlays.

  • Fixed an issues that resulted in Select 10 SQL Runner functions not working properly.

  • Fixed a SQL Runner issue related to listing tables in on Spark 2.0.

  • Group labels for measures are now the same color as measure names in the field picker.

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