Looker 7.8 Release Notes

  • 18 May 2020
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As Looker is not officially posting updates here anymore then I thought to still share it as this is one of the best places for customers to give feedback about new updates.

I have listed first the official highlights provided by Looker and then added unofficial highlights by roles, which is something I share usually to our own users.

Let me/us know what do you think about those updates?

Expected Rollout Start: May 17th, 2020

Expected Final Release and Download Available: May 28th, 2020

Highlights provided by Looker:

Aggregate Awareness

Looker will detect and run a query against the most efficient aggregate table in your database.

Parallel Persistent Derived Table Builds

Multiple PDTs can now be built at once.

Data Dictionary

The Data Dictionary extension is now available in the Looker Marketplace and can be enabled by switching on the Extension Framework and Data Dictionary Labs features.

New Marketplace Content

COVID-19 dataset, Radial Gauge and Braintree block

Unofficial highlight by user groups:

Regular user (Browse menu):

  • No updates, might see new chart types appear on dashboards

Power-user (Explore):

  • Editing merged dashboards is now fixed when you don’t change the underlying queries. 🤩

  • Tile titles on dashboards (beta) can now be hidden.

  • New chart type in the Marketplace - Radial Gauge Chart

  • The Multiple Value visualization now supports table calculations and using drills.

Developer (Develop):

  • Aggregate Awareness - https://docs.looker.com/data-modeling/learning-lookml/aggregate_awareness

  • Using the Slack App, users can share links in Slack from SQL Runner visualizations.

  • The Get LookML… option from an Explore’s settings now shows the following options: Dashboard LookML , Aggregate Table LookML , Derived Table LookML .

  • Dragging a view file into a folder now works as expected.

  • Redshift external tables are now listed when selecting to Create a view from Table Option in the LookML IDE.

Admin (Admin):

  • Parallel PDTs can now build simultaneously per connection. The default concurrency is one. The concurrency can be increased in the Connection settings.

  • Admins can enable an option to include only links back to Looker content when sending or scheduling all email deliveries.

  • The Data Dictionary extension is now available in the Looker Marketplace. It’s a centralized source for viewers and external consumers to find field and metric definitions.

  • Using pivoted queries in System Activity and i__looker Explores renders expected results.

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