Looker 7.12 Release Notes

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As Looker is not officially posting updates here anymore then I thought to still share it as this is one of the best places for customers to give feedback about new updates.

I have listed first the official highlights provided by Looker and then added unofficial highlights by roles, which is something I share usually to our own users.

Emoji meanings:

🧪 - This feature is still in the labs/beta phase.

💰 - This feature comes with an extra cost ( E.g. Whitelabel menu page)

pngwing.com - This feature only works with Google products ( E.g. Mobility Data Block with BigQuery only)

Let us know what do you think about those updates?

Expected Rollout Start: July 19th, 2020

Expected Final Release and Download Available: July 30th, 2020

Highlights provided by Looker:

⚠ Breaking Changes

  • Removal of Legacy features: IDE folders and .strings files for localization

  • New LookML validation warnings

  • Athena driver update

  • The password reset function will lock after too many failed login attempts.

  • SnowFlake Unquoted Database legacy feature is disabled by default

Redesigned IDE (out from Beta)

Check out the new IDE in your LookML projects.

🧪 Upgraded Explore Field Picker

Introducing a redesigned Explore UI through the Upgraded Explore Field Picker Labs feature.

🧪 The Looker Extension Framework

Introducing the Looker extension framework, available with the Extension Framework Labs feature, which is enabled by default.

Unofficial highlight by user groups:

Regular user (Browse menu):

  • No updates this month.

Power-user (Explore):

  • 🧪 A new labs feature, “Upgraded Explore Field Picker”, includes a smarter search, additional field context, new quick-start options, and enhanced view and management of selected fields.

  • The Radial Gauge visualization, available through the Looker Marketplace, now supports the ability to trellis by row or pivot and control the number of gauge rows and columns.

  • Source queries are no longer dropped when a merged result is created. 🤩

  • 🧪 The New Dashboard Experience experimental Labs feature now offers a few new settings for parity to regular dashboards:

    • The option to Run on load in the dashboard settings

    • Newly created LookML dashboards now default to Newspaper Layout instead of the Tile Layout

    • Keyboard shortcuts can now be used on a dashboard upgraded to dashboard (beta)

    • The ability to move a dashboard to the trash

Developer (Develop):

  • The LookML Validator will now issue a warning for aggregate table names greater than 255 characters. In addition, the aggregate table LookML generator will no longer generate names longer than the maximum allowed characters.

  • The LookML Validator will now render a warning if there are multiple entries of the following: derived_table parameters within a view file, query parameters inside an aggregate table within a defined explore parameter, or materialization parameters within an aggregate_table within a defined explore parameter.

Admin (Admin):

  • For query-level custom actions, you can now specify a user attribute to control an individual user’s ability to send or schedule data to the action’s destination.

  • A new beta labs feature, Extension Framework , has been introduced. This new feature allows developers to build custom JavaScript applications and tools on top of Looker with no need to set up their own stack for building.

  • A new deploy API endpoint and webhook allow users to deploy to production from any git SHA, tag, or head of branch reference. It requires opting into an Advanced Deploy Mode where deployments can only be made via API/webhook. This will be helpful for developer and staging instance setups, eliminating the need for multiple repos.

  • 💰 New Elite System Activity provides improved performance and longer retention of historical data.

  • 💰 The term Look will now be hidden when the Hide Look Whitelabel setting has been enabled.

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This one

Is not listet in the release notes, but seems to be new

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Yes, totally forgot that you can check hints for other new things doing search “7.12” in docs.


Will add Elite System Activity to the list but I guess it comes with 💰 emoji. Maybe @izzy can confirm this?

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oh… now you made me wonder…

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Sharp eyes, @moebe!

Elite System Activity specifically refers right now to our Elite pricing tier (Standard, Advanced, and Elite are our options for pricing). The features documented on that page are only available to Elite customers as of 7.12, but will become available for all customers for a fee (so yes, 💰) in the future.

Unofficially/just guessing, I’d say a big reason for that breakdown is that Elite customers tend to be our largest customers with the heaviest deployments. The fact that Elite System Activity queries are offloaded from the internal DB can have a really really big impact on performance when you have a very busy instance— but not a very big impact on a more normally sized instance. So right now, most of the benefit would only be felt by Elite customers.

If you aren’t elite, but are interested, I’d follow the documentation and reach out to your Looker contacts to start getting set up for it 🙂

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Also @er1k, the Upgraded Explore Field Picker is in General Availability, not beta 🏄.

I’m really curious to hear what everyone thinks of the new IDE and the new Field Picker. When it drops on your instance, tell us what you think!

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FYI All: These are the unofficial community-driven Looker Release notes written by the illustrious @er1k. We’re pinning them because they are great and comprehensive, but they are not Looker-written.

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Thanks, changed 🧪 explanation also to include Labs as the “Upgraded Explore Field Picker” is coming as a new labs feature.

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Is there any more documentation on building extensions than what is on this page?

Would be nice if something built by Looker like the data dictionary app were open source so we could learn from the masters.

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Just got 7.12 on our instance today and our users feedback to Upgraded Explore Field Picker is very positive already. Thanks everyone for a great update here. 🙂

Only bug around this is that some fields (especially dates) are now not fitting to the menu. Meaning you cannot see if it’s a date, week, year or etc. as the field name is longer than menu

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What has changed with the field picker exactly?

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I guess this picture mostly explains it.

  • Data type now shown as icon #️⃣

  • More info under ℹ button

  • Better search

  • “In Use” tab for all active fields.

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Ehh again with the plain white background… ffs, I like when section headers have different background etc. because it’s much more accessible and readable for wider range of people. Why is it so hard to understand?

I guess I have to enable it in Labs to see it? Or is it going to be configurable?

Don’t know if this will impact others, but when I turned it on, all of my filter-only fields/parameters disappeared from the Explore UI. Support said this will be addressed in the near future, but figured I’d share as a heads-up.

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Yeah, same here.

Our initial excitment was turned over by multiple critical bugs and we switched off the lab. 😩

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Please let support know about the issues you’re facing with it! I know you likely have already, but the only way we’ll know to fix em is if you tell us about them. 🙂

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Yeah, we already reported all the bugs. Hoping some quick fixes to turn it back on. 🙂