Looker 6.6 Extended Support Release Notes

  • 27 February 2019
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Anticipated Deployment Dates

ESR Staging: March 3, 2019 - March 31, 2019

ESR Production Release: April 1, 2019 - July 1, 2019

Release Highlights

In addition to general tweaks and enhancements, this release comes with new and improved features in the following categories. Read on for more detail.

Preparing for Release

Please take notice of items marked with a ⚡ as they indicate changes to existing functionality and may require your attention. For more information see Features by Section below.

Legacy Feature changes

Experimental and Beta Features

The following new and improved experimental and beta features are marked with a ⚗:

Notable Features

Totals on Table Calculations

In one of our most frequently requested features, Looker end-users can now calculate totals on results sets including table calculations.


Mixed-Type Stacked Charts

Visualize your data with more flexibility with stacked mixed-type cartesian charts. Users are now able to view and save content with several series types stacked on top of one another, creating a more dynamic and clearer data visualization experience.


Trellis Charts

Trellis charts allow users to break cartesian charts into a series of smaller visualizations on the same scale and axes, allowing for easier comparison of complex data.

Page breaks in PDFs

Users can now select paper size and orientation and Looker will automatically insert breaks for large, multi-page dashboards.

More Powerful Color Palettes

New color collections and an easier-to-use color picker allow users to have more control over the appearance of their visualizations. Looker Admins are now able to create and manage custom color collections.

Features by Section

Scheduling and Downloading

  • Page breaks in PDF downloads. Large dashboard PDFs now include page breaks and paper size and orientation options. Learn more.

  • Expand tables on PDF Downloads. New option to expand tables on PDF downloads to ensure all rows are visible. Learn more.

  • run_sql_query API endpoint. New endpoint allows Looker developers to run SQL queries against connected databases via the Looker API.

Dashboards, Visualizations, and Explore

  • Totals on table calculations. Learn more.

  • Mixed-type stacked charts. Cartesian charts using mixed series’ types can now be stacked. Learn more.

  • Trellis charts. The new Grid Layout visualization option makes trellis charts available for all cartesian charts. Learn more.

  • New and custom color collections. New color palettes and color collections allow for more color customization on visualizations. Learn more.

  • Easier-to-use color palette selector. Visualization menu improvements make color selection easier and more straightforward. Learn more.

  • Improved color palette editing. Continuous color palettes are now easier to configure and use. Learn more about configuring table chart palettes. Learn more about configuring funnel chart palettes. Learn more about configuring timeline palettes.

  • More powerful conditional formatting. Finer control over color-value mapping. Learn more.

  • Improved default visualization selection. Looker now includes improved logic for selecting default visualizations based on data results.

  • Merged Results on LookML Dashboards. Users can now use merged results tiles on LookML Dashboards. Learn more.

  • Localized LookML Dashboards. Developers are now able to use the .strings file type to specify localization parameters for LookML Dashboards. Learn more.

  • Completely removed the “Legacy Visualizations” Legacy Feature. Learn more.

  • Disabled the “Legacy Rendering” Legacy Feature. It may be temporarily reenabled on the Legacy Features page if needed to help your transition. If you have not already, please install Chromium to continue rendering PDF and PNGs. Learn more.

LookML and Development

  • Content Validator performance improvements. Significant performance improvements to the Content Validator.

  • ⚗ ⚡ Project Import syntax change. include statements for files from imported projects now require the following syntax: include: "//<INCLUDE_FILE_PATTERN>. Use of a single-slash will now produce a warning.

  • Beta label and description parameter localization. New locale user attribute allows Looker developers to localize certain LookML parameters. Please note: this feature does not require a Labs toggle to use, but is still in beta testing. Learn more.

  • New API Endpoints: deploy_to_production and ⚗content_validation

  • SQL Runner Search out of beta. All Looker customers can now use the search bar in the SQL runner to locate specific fields in connected databases.


  • Introduced the group_item_label parameter to allow you to change how a field appears in the field picker when nested under a group_label. Learn more.

  • Completely removed the “Native Derived Tables Convert Dates and Yesnos to Strings” Legacy Feature. Learn more.

Platform and Administration

  • Added support for OpenJDK. Learn more.

  • Customizable session length. Looker Admins are now able to customize default session duration for users. Learn more.

  • Option to disable concurrent sessions. Looker Admins are now able to disable concurrent user sessions. Learn more.

  • Beta System Activity model and dashboards. New model and dashboards give Looker admins better insight into activity on their Looker Instance. Enable them on the Labs page. Learn more about the model. Learn more about dashboards.

  • Beta Homepage Updates. Updates to default Looker homepage with end-users in mind.

  • ⚡⚗ Changed interactive API doc URLs. The URLs for interactive API docs now disambiguate between API 3.0 and the beta API 3.1.

  • Redesigned user activation email. New email with single call to action designed to make new user activation simpler.

  • Refactored Google Authentication. In preparation for Google’s deprecation of the Google+ API on March 7, Looker no longer utilizes the Google+ API for Google Authentication. Learn more.

Embedded Analytics

  • Beta Embed Theme Editor. Looker Admins are now able to set themes for embedded content. Learn more.

  • New embedded javascript event: drillmenu:click. Embed developers will now be able to receive Javascript event notifications of drill menu clicks in iFrame embedded contexts. Learn more.


  • Vector Added provisional support for Actian Vector.

  • Introduced Support for Denodo 7.0

  • Driver upgrades: MariaDB (2.3.0), PrestoDB (0.214), Vertica 7.1+ (9.1.1), and PostgreSQL (42.2.5)

    • MongoBI users will need to remove the maria15x entry from their custom JDBC YML files in order for Looker to start. Learn more.

  • Snowflake. Added support for the list measure type.


  • ⚡ Resolved an issue where PostgreSQL and Amazon Redshift connections were not verifying SSL certificates.

    • It’s possible that previously silent verification issues may appear upon update.

    • In cases of SSH tunnels certificate validation is likely not necessary and could produce warnings.

  • Added integrity checking to database connection configuration data.

General Tweaks and Bug Fixes

  • Content Management and Discoverability

    • Fixed a bug where converting a Look from a different Space into a dashboard tile failed.

  • Dashboards, Visualizations, and Explore

    • Removed x from merged results dialog box and replaced with cancel button.

    • Fixed a bug where ordinal X-axis did not display time labels properly.

    • Fixed a bug where string filters containing a \ could sometimes cause a browser crash.

    • Fixed a bug where totals were sometimes displayed on the wrong column with stacked column charts.

    • Fixed a bug where reference lines on horizontal bar charts were labelled vertically.

    • Fixed a bug where some visualizations on dashboards did not re-render after editing.

    • Fixed a bug where hidden series’ became visible upon update to Looker 6.0.

    • Fixed a bug related to editing embedded Looks.

    • Fixed a bug where table calculations were hidden in the Edit Look modal.

    • Fixed a bug where long legend labels did not wrap to new line.

    • Fixed a bug introduced in Looker 6.0 where some users could no longer re-order series

    • Fixed a bug where filter values overflowed the filter input box.

    • Fixed a bug where the table calculations button sometimes did not appear when expected.

    • Fixed a bug where drills did not work in some Single Value Visualization tiles.

    • Fixed a bug where the text area model did not render properly.

    • Fixed a bug where value labels did not appear on stacked column charts.

    • Fixed a bug where “Explore From Here” page on dashboards did not include filtered custom dimensions.

    • Fixed a bug where Funnel Visualizations were rendering incorrectly.

    • Fixed a bug where long horizontal axis labels overlapped.

    • Fixed a bug where navigating to PDT Admin panel sometimes produced a 500 error.

    • Fixed a bug where the starts with string filter incorrectly returned no results when used with quotation marks.

    • Fixed a bug where Single Value visualizations produced the wrong error when no results were returned.

    • Fixed a bug where trend lines on cartesian charts sometimes appeared behind data.

    • Fixed a bug where values on stacked percentage columns did not always add up to 100.

    • Fixed a bug where visualization labels for fields that contain a ' did not render correctly.

    • Fixed a bug where scatterplot visualizations did not display on Internet Explorer.

  • Scheduling and Downloading

    • Conditional formatting is now retained in XLSX downloads.

    • Fixed a bug where “Send if there are results” did not work with “All Results” selected.

    • Fixed a bug where it was not possible to send visualizations from explores.

    • Fixed a bug where downloading data from a dashboard did not use correct timezone.

    • Fixed a bug where downloading results from SQL runner opened results in new browser window instead.

    • Fixed a bug where embedded user-defined dashboards ignored filters when scheduling and sending.

    • Fixed a bug where sending Excel schedules sometimes caused an error message.

    • Fixed a bug where scheduled emails were sometimes blank.

  • Platform and Administration

    • Fixed a bug were OpenID Connect did not work correctly with Amazon Cognito.

    • Fixed a bug where the Look link in the queries tab didn’t work.

    • Fixed a bug where long group names with a - did not display correctly on the SAML configuration page.

    • Users with the see_system_activity permission can now download the System Activity dashboard.

    • Fixed a bug where the HTTPS git connection option did not correctly support user attributes.

  • LookML and Development

    • Fixed a bug where the access_grants parameter sometimes caused a LookML error.

    • Fixed a bug where PDTs sometimes did not rebuild after editing SQL.

    • The IDE now supports uppercase characters in LookML file names.

    • New LookML validator warnings for invalid characters.

    • Fixed a bug where results downloaded from SQL runner had arbitrary file names.

    • Fixed a bug where duration fields didn’t work as drill fields or when referenced in measures.

    • Fixed a bug where some users were unable to “Explore From” a SQL Runner query.

    • Fixed a bug where some SQL Runner queries could not be cancelled.

    • Fixed a bug where the LookML generator did not properly escape hyphens for certain dialects.

    • Fixed a bug where switching LookML files triggered a full page refresh.

    • Fixed a bug where queries with totals created using the create_queries endpoint sometimes produced and error.

    • Fixed a bug where liquid HTML in label parameter for dimension group did not always render correctly.

  • Dialects

    • Improved “create view from table” performance for Snowflake connections.

    • Date filters on Snowflake now use CURRENT_DATE() where possible to take advantage of database-side caching.

    • Fixed a bug where the Week Duration dimensions generated incorrect SQL in BigQuery.

    • Fixed a bug where connection test for BigQuery hung after uploading new .p12 file.

  • Embedded Analytics

    • Fixed a bug where the subtotals visualization was broken in the embed context.

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