Looker 6.22 Release Notes

Anticipated Deployment Dates

Release Rollout Begins: Sunday, October 13th, 2019

Release Final & Download Available: Thursday, October 24th, 2019

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🇯🇵Release Notes in Japanese🇯🇵

Release Highlights

In addition to general tweaks and enhancements, this release comes with new and improved features in the following categories. Read on for more detail.

Preparing for Release

Please take notice of items marked with a ⚡ as they indicate changes to existing functionality and may require your attention. For more information, see the Legacy Feature Updates and Features by Section below.

Beta and Experimental Labs Features

The following new and improved experimental and beta features are marked with a ⚗:

Notable Features

IP Whitelisting

This new feature provides a mechanism for Looker administrators to whitelist certain IP addresses or blocks of IP addresses that can reach their Looker instance. When activated, Looker will refuse connection attempts from all other IP addresses. **Note:** This feature is only available for instances hosted by Looker. Learn more.

SQL Runner Visualization

⚗ This Beta feature allows users to visualize data directly within SQL Runner and to share links for collaboration with other users. Learn more.

Features by Section

Platform and Administration

  • ⚡ Scheduled plans without a destination will now fail to send. Schedules without destinations created prior to 6.22 will be deleted. Learn more.

  • Localization updates. Language support added for: Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), Swedish, Turkish, and Polish. Learn more.

  • Table-next (Beta) improvements:

    • If enabled, Table-Next will be the default table in the visualization list. The previous table will still show up in the visualization dropdown menu as Table (Legacy). Learn more.

  • Alerts (Beta) Improvements:

    • Dashboard filters now automatically apply to the alert query. Learn more.

    • The alert email will include the tile’s visualization and the current value of the data. Learn more.

    • Embed users are now able to create alerts. Learn more.

  • New send_to_integration permission allows users without scheduling permissions to send and schedule content to custom actions. Learn more.

  • Introduced an additional --log-format argument with the two options, [text, json]. The default is text. json produces structured logs for improved/simpler processing. Learn more.

  • API 3.1 Introduced a new JSON format type called json_label. Learn more.

Scheduling and Downloads

  • ⚡ Download, send and schedule modals will now default to a new JSON format for field label. This only impacts the modal, not existing content. Learn more.

    • Note: The original option regarding the json_label format option with an admin legacy feature was removed mid-release. This was done in an effort to provide a more stable experience in regards to rendering field labels in a JSON format when downloading, scheduling, and sending content.


  • Snowflake. Upgraded JDBC driver to v3.9.1.

  • Microsoft SQL Server 2016+. Added support of connection timezone settings.

  • Apache Hive. Introduced support for v3.1.2 and later.

  • DB2, Dremio, IBM DB2 Warehouse on Cloud. Enabled SSL string parameters.

  • Amazon Aurora MySQL. Previously known as "Amazon Aurora” when selecting this dialect on a new connection.

  • Presto, Athena, Qubole Presto, Qubole Quantum. Changed string comparisons to use LIKE instead of REGEXP_LIKE for more performant SQL filtering.

LookML and Development

  • IDE folders improvements.

    • Collapse all folders button.

    • Jump-to-file/search button.

    • Display the file extension type within the modal when creating/renaming a file.

    • Rename modal populates the old name, highlighted.

Embedded Analytics

General Tweaks and Bug Fixes

LookML and Development

  • Fixed an issue where uploading a .strings.json type file did not show up in the development IDE with folders disabled.

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in a 500 error message: There was a problem running the validator when validating in the IDE if a merge query with an unknown field existed in a LookML dashboard file.

  • ⚡ Fixed an issue where snowflake queries would hang before connecting until Looker was restarted. Resolved by updating the snowflake JDBC driver to v3.9.1.

  • Fixed an issue where the Git menu would disappear when switching to another user’s branch.

  • Fixed an issue where filter suggestions that never populated and a 404 error message appeared in the JS console when a dimension referenced itself in the suggest_dimension parameter.

    • ⚡ The LookML Validator will now error in the presence of self-referential suggest_dimensions

  • Fixed an issue that would break the LookML validator when joining on fields of type: location .

  • Fixed an issue that prevented users with the see_pdts permission from populating information in the Admin panel without develop permission.

  • Fixed an issue where setting the parameter bind_all_filters: yes in an NDT led to a circular reference error.

  • Fixed an issue where the quick help for sql_where indicated that this parameter was only available for BigQuery.

Embedded Analytics

  • Fixed an issue that resulted in absolute links opening in the same tab instead of in a new tab.

  • Fixed an issue where conditional formatting would break the table visualization within an embedded LookML dashboard.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented embed users with the schedule_look_emails permission from being able to send or schedule a Look.

  • Fixed an issue that when utilizing the API scheduled_plan_run_once endpoint returned a 404 error message in cases where the id parameter matches an existing ID.

  • Fixed an issue where the alerts permissions create_alerts and follow_alerts were not available for embed users.

Platform and Administration

  • Fixed an issue that prevented sending All Results (streaming) in schedules when utilizing a database type of IBM DB2 for AS400 and System i.

  • Fixed an issue that was displaying LookML dashboards to users without the see_lookml_dashboards permissions in search.

  • Fixed an issue that prevented totals from being displayed in a generated PDF when utilizing the Table-Next beta Labs feature.

16 replies

Liquid HTML in Table-Next!

Alerts for Embed Users!


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It would be awesome to be able to embed visualisation only from sql runner query…

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+1000… we aren’t able to retire the legacy table without this… 😕

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Wait! Does liquid HTML now work in the new tables??

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It looks like it does… though you might be limited with css

This is how my rows looked before:


and now they’re crushed:


All because now the row has a height set explicitly:


@izzy why this explicit height setting? I know table-next moves away from table to divs but surely there’s no need to force height on us like that?

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I think you tried to use some html tags in there that ended up rendering and vanishing 😆. Anyways, I have no idea why that’s being enforced. Would you send that over to support via help.looker.com / chat along with the HTML you’re using there? We have something we’re tracking that’s similar, but I’m not sure if it’s identical. Thanks!

Will the SQL runner visualizer beta allow one to save those visualization as look tiles or looks without creating lookml files?

After 13th October release, labels for the schedule data were showing without the underscored version (e.g if label is ‘company_name’ it was showing as ‘Company Name’). I am getting the underscored version now in response. Are these changes rolled back again?

I’m also seeing JSON naming changes. Last week the release notes mentioned JSON naming updates and I had an admin legacy features menu item with a toggle to turn JSON naming updates on/off. Today there’s no mention of a JSON naming update in the release notes, the admin option is gone and the JSON naming seems to have reverted.

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7 posts were split to a new topic: IP Whitelisting for embed users

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In regards to SQL runner… The ability to visualise directly is amazing. I was hoping that the explore step would be removed completely and that we could create table calc without doing the explore.

The reason behind it is:

Let’s say I have one-off query that is too complicated to even put in a project. I run SQL and then build some table calcs. If I have to add something to the query I need to go through the process again. I guess I can build all table calcs in SQL but it’s nice to do it in the UI and allow people to interact with them. I would need to create them all from scratch if I need to change SQL slightly, even if it’s just a WHERE clause or a typo…

@Jake_Ross & @Prajakta_Chinchmalat

The original option regarding the json_label format option with an admin legacy feature was removed mid-release. This was done in an effort to provide a more stable experience in regards to rendering field labels in a JSON format when downloading, scheduling, and sending content.

Great stuff!

A question: When changing localization (changed to SE - Swedish), there are many texts still in English which confuses the users. Will this be changed in the future?

Would love to have more dynamic height available in liquid HTML

We’ve tried out the SQL Runner Vis feature and had to disable it after some feedback that it was causing some frustrations:

  • Many people were unhappy with the query panel being moved to the bottom and the screen real-estate for the panel being overall reduced (many of our queries tend to be complex and do not fit onscreen). It seemed like the query panel was given a lower priority in the layout.

  • In the case where a query had an error, the results page would expand every time pushing the query panel down. Users had to keep collapsing the results tab causing repeated frustration.

Overall we are interested in the feature but are hoping that these issues can be addressed before it leaves beta.

Thanks for your feedback! In order for this feedback to get properly tracked, please start a separate thread on Community or reach out to Looker Support via the Help Center.