Looker 6.2 Release Notes

  • 16 November 2018
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Release Rollout Begins: November 25, 2018

Release Final & Download Available: December 6, 2018

Release Highlights

In addition to general tweaks and enhancements, this release comes with new and improved features in the following categories. Read on for more detail.

Notable Features

Totals on Table Calculations

In one of our most frequently requested features, Looker end-users can now calculate totals on results sets including table calculations.


Beta System Activity Model

Three pre-built System Activity dashboards are now available in the Admin Panel. Visit User Activity for usage behavior insights, Content Activity for query behavior insights, and Performance Audit to ensure your Looker instance is running smoothly.

Page breaks in PDFs

Looker Users taking advantage of the Enhanced Rendering Labs feature are now able to select paper size and orientation when downloading large, multi-page dashboards.

Features by Section

Scheduling and Downloading

  • run_sql_query API endpoint. New endpoint allows Looker developers to run SQL queries against connected databases via the Looker API.

  • Page breaks in PDF downloads. Large dashboard PDFs now include page breaks and paper size and orientation options. Please note: this feature requires the Enhanced Rendering labs feature.

Dashboards, Visualizations, and Explore

Platform and Administration

LookML and Development

  • Beta label and description parameter localization. New locale user attribute allows Looker developers to localize certain LookML parameters. Please note: this feature does not require a Labs toggle to use, but is still in beta testing. Learn more.


  • Vector Added provisional support for Actian Vector.

General Tweaks and Bug Fixes

  • Dialects

    • Improved “create view from table” performance for Snowflake connections.

    • Date filters on Snowflake now use CURRENT_DATE() where possible to take advantage of database-side caching.

    • Updated the Vertica 7.1+ driver to version 9.1.1.

  • Administration and Platform

    • Fixed a bug were OpenID Connect did not work correctly with Amazon Cognito.

    • Fixed a bug where the Look link in the queries tab didn’t work.

    • Fixed a bug where long group names with a - did not display correctly on the SAML configuration page.

  • Dashboards, Visualizations, and Explore

    • Removed x from merged results dialog box and replaced with cancel button.

    • Fixed a bug where ordinal X-axis did not display time labels properly.

    • Fixed a bug where string filters containing a \ could sometimes cause a browser crash.

    • Fixed a bug where totals were sometimes displayed on the wrong column with stacked column charts.

    • Fixed a bug where reference lines on horizontal bar charts were labelled vertically.

    • Fixed a bug where some visualizations on dashboards did not re-render after editing.

    • Fixed a bug where hidden series’ became visible upon update to Looker 6.0.

    • Fixed a bug related to editing embedded Looks.

    • Fixed a bug where table calculations were hidden in the Edit Look modal.

    • Fixed a bug where long legend labels did not wrap to new line.

    • Fixed a bug introduced in Looker 6.0 where some users could no longer re-order series

  • Content Management and Discoverability

    • Fixed a bug where converting a look from a different space into a dashboard tile failed.

  • LookML and Development

    • Fixed a bug where the access_grants parameter sometimes caused a LookML error.

    • Fixed a bug where PDTs sometimes did not rebuild after editing SQL.

16 replies

This is good release for us. Here we can see tangible benefits to our users! Well done on this release. Keep the momentum going!

Good to know you can get custom calculations as totals. That’s a big win for us but has there always been a question mark for dimensions when using totals? I would imagine leaving it blank looks a lot better, the outlines question mark. Not sure how other users feel, but if you’re generating financial statements the ? might just cause confusion and or concern and is definitely not something our users want to see.

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I think that screenshot makes it look a bit more unclear than it actually is, since there’s only one dimension there.

The “?” also only appears when you have hit the row limit in the table-- Mousing over it pops up a tooltip explaining that the total might be bigger than you’d expect, because it’s including rows not present in the visually displayed results.

It looks a bit less confusing with more dimensions:

Also, the question mark does not show up in downloaded/scheduled visualizations! It’s definitely more of a helpful tooltip to the analyst, rather than something to expose to an end-user in a financial statement or something. Does that make more sense?

Thanks for clearing all of that up Izzy! Very glad to hear that is not what’s going to be sent in scheduled reports.

@cutler Is it possible to write our own SQL on the System Activity model?

This is an awesome release! We really love the new system activity dashboards. Being able to communicate the value of Looker in terms of user activity and adoption is a huge plus!

Also, we’re thrilled with totals on table calculations!

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@toastedmeringue it is not, but you can explore from the dashboard tiles for deeper investigation.

Will a measure be added to see the number of times a look was ran - all i see now is query count?

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The data underlying the system activity explores is ultimately the same as what powers i__looker so while this remains in beta the i__looker documentation will probably be a good starting place. Not everything will be the same, but it ought to get close.

In the specific case, a history record is conceptually a run and query is the combination of fields, filters, limits, calculations, etc. that make up something that is run. Look information is exposed in the history explore, so you ought to be able to explore from one of the usage-based tiles and construct an explore with the Look(s) you care about and the history events

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Totals on table calculations is a big one for us, good stuff.

I’m also interested to see the system activity dashboard although I still want the option to store more historic data for this, whether on your side and we pay or with Looker loading it into our warehouse…

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+1. I’d imagine there are a whole host of companies (ours included) who are writing their own pipelines to archive off i__looker data for persisting history for more than 90 days. Would love it to be a service we could get out of the box.

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Any idea when the folders feature for LookML files (as announced at JOIN 2018 for Looker 6) will be available?

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I believe the folders feature is in closed beta right now-- If you reach out to your Looker account team I bet they’d be happy to get you started with that (I gave them a heads up too)

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Awesome, thanks Izzy!

I’m looking for minor release notes (specifically the difference between 6.2.14 and 6.2.22)

Thank you

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@Ben_Hizak_Cherre we don’t currently have public patch changelogs but if there’s a specific fix you’re after or a summary of what changed we can help you out over at help.looker.com